Rockford Bay Weather

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

lat=47.5045, lon=-116.8760, elev=2209.8 feet

Tue 16 Sep 2014 07:20:00 PST
(last record)

temperature: 55.3°F last
T-dewpoint: 7.8°F last
humidity: 69.5% last
rainfall: 0.0" last hour 0.00" last 24 hours
Period Mode Date
Temperature Plot (no data in range (Sep 09 2014 Sep 16 2014))
Barometer Plot (no data in range (Sep 09 2014 Sep 16 2014))
Humidity Plot (no data in range (Sep 09 2014 Sep 16 2014))
Dewpoint Plot (no data in range (Sep 09 2014 Sep 16 2014))
Rainfall Plot (no data in range (Sep 09 2014 Sep 16 2014))


  1. Weather station first set up in North Bend, WA 2008.
  2. Weather station moved to Columbia, South Carolina around July, 2011
  3. Weather station setup in Spokane, WA (Lincoln Heights) around the end of April, 2012.
  4. Weather station was moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho around 1 October, 2012.
  5. The outdoor humidity measurements began drifting upward in October, 2012 with values exceeding 100%. From the trend data, it appears that this sensor (26.A450B6000000) began to become unreliable towards the end of September - first of October.
  6. 11/4/2012 (around 1pm PST). The outside humidity board was replaced and an additional stand-alone temperature sensor added. Previously, the outside temperature measurements were taken from the sensor (10.0F6094010800) collocated on the humidty sensor board. Temperature values recorded from an identical board located indoors were consistently about 3 degrees F higher than an adjacent stand-alone temperature sensor (10.6D6F6B010800). The difference appears to be due to the proximity of the integrated sensors to a DC voltage regulator used by the humidity sensor which generates some heat. It should be possible to estimate this bias and back it out of the historical data
  7. The bias in temperature for both older humidty boards has been estimated using a closely located stand-alone temperature sensor (10.6D6F6B010800). The biases have been estimated at 3 degrees F for the indoor humidity board (10.0F6094010800), and 1 degree F for the humidity board which was formerly outside (10.29866B010800). These differences have now been compensated for in the device tables so that the historical displays are more accurate.
Check out this live vector-flow wind map.
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